[EuroPython] Revised brochures available

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Fri, 21 Jun 2002 15:52:53 +0200

I'm not interesting in a flame war here and would also welcome
comments from other people.

Some comments for clarification.

Nicolas Chauvat wrote:
> On Fri, 21 Jun 2002, M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
>>Uhm, I don't understand: we contacted you and Martijn about the
>>text to put on that page. Both of you gave the OK. The only change
>>on the page since Monday was to add you two to the page and to
>>indent the bios.
> You sent me an e-mail yesterday saying that Martijn's entry was changed to
> what it is now and whether I would mind if mine was changed to what it is
> now. I said "sure", you replied "thanks" right away, then I asked you
> about the entries of the other people, you said "what other people", I
> said "you, tom, denis, paul, etc." and I am still waiting for a
> reply... well, I got one with the new brochure of course.

I replied to you yesterday that you should please consult the

>>The reason for putting them there is that we want to attract sponsors
>>and investors for the upcoming events and for this you need to create
>>confidence for them to invest in the organization. The intent is to
>>put persons behind names, so that potential sponsors and investors
>>know that they are investing into a professional and working
> I've heard these arguments many times before in other situations. That's
> the usual "I do it for your own good" stuff. You're not bad at this, but
> not very inventive :-)
> Do you really want to try to make use that argument ?

I'm not going for your interpretation of the argument.

The EuroPython Organization needs more support for the next round.

This event was much too much of a financial risk for P3B. We
only reached a break even about a week ago -- that's 10 days
before the conference !

>>The only purpose of the executive committee was to get this event
>>happening. I would be very sad if that idea would now be dragged into
>>the dirt.
> Good. If the only purpose of the committee was for the event to happen and
> was internal organization, why would we need to mention it in the
> brochure?

Because these guys are the ones sponsors and investors need to
talk to. They do have to know they are talking to the right
persons. This was one of the points we heard
from potential attendees and companies who criticised
and turned down on us.

>>>Python and the Python businesses are so small that I always thought that
>>>it was obvious from the very beginning that the whole purpose of the
>>>conference was to make the pie bigger for everyone to get a bigger slice
>>>(or as Paul says "10x is the goal"), not to let some of us increase their
>>>own visibility helped by the work of the others.
>>I find that a sad way to view things.
>>If you want a different text next to your name, then please
>>send it in. If you have other suggestions, please tell us.
> I don't care about having my own name there, what I want is a credit page
> that gives proper credit were credit is due.
> Here are my suggestions: remove the bios and put in all the names of the
> people who participated, in alphabetical order, without any details about
> what they did. If you want me to, I can compile a list from the archives
> of the mailing list, from the IRC logs, etc.

That was the intent of the credits page one the last page of the
brochure. We know that not all people are propely mentioned
on that page, but didn't get more feedback.

If you could submit a more complete list, we can try
to integrate it there.

We can also make the bios less prominent on the team
page and add more names and bios to the support team

Replacing the complete page with an alphabetic list is not an
option, because this would not reflect the structure of the
EuroPython organization which is modelled very much after
the Python development scheme: BDFL + core team + cast of

>>Note that the brochure has been public since Monday. Today is Friday.
>>There was enough time for criticism and improvement requests.
> As you already know, I sent comments about the brochure within the hour I
> learned about it on tuesday morning. I did not keep a copy of the brochure
> that was published on monday, but I'm pretty sure the bios weren't in at
> the time.

Believe me: they were in right from the start.

>>We cannot fiddle with the brochure until the very end: people will
>>have to download and print if *before* the conference. We are already
>>very late with the brochure and any changes we make now will only
>>result in further delay.
> Right, that's also a well known argument, but I'm fine with it: let's just
> remove that credit page and be done with it (simple isn't it ?). Or just
> put a link to the website for people to find more information about local
> contacts, or just put the europython@python.org e-mail address (and not
> the committee's one ;-)
> Come on, just let go of that committee stuff and simply share credit with
> all the poor people that contributed time and good will as you did !

As I said many times before: I don't have a problem with
adding more credit mentions to the brochure (except maybe
for the fact that it further delays publishing it).

Please send us an alphabetical list of name - task combinations
and we'll put it on the credits page.

If more people think they should be mentioned on the team
page, please tell us. We certainly don't want any member of
the team to be misrepresented. You can mail us to europython@p3b.org
but it has to be within the next few hours, since
ReportLab will finalize the brochure tonight.

Gosh, I never knew how hard it would be to keep people happy
and still organize an event of this size (heck, we're probably
almost as large as the IPC !).

Now I have to run off to drive the paper bags and your
badges to Joachim...

Thank you,
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