[EuroPython] Revised brochures available

Tom Deprez Tom Deprez" <tom@aragne.com
Fri, 21 Jun 2002 18:38:04 +0200


> Since I do definitely not see this as a marketing in-
> strument, I wonder why we cannot please Nicholas and
> Denis and simplify the credits page (4) while putting
> something more reasonable that more people can agree
> with on the website? I think it is totally sufficient
> for this info (needed mostly by next year's sponsors
> as it is said) to be available online and also some
> time *after* the event, but not so much in the bro-
> chure right now. All of you could then join some dedi-
> cated mega-BOF to work out some kind of "EPC Manifesto".

With all these opinions I even opt for removing all the credit pages
from the brochure (except Reportlabs one, because they made the brochure
:-). Seriously, this is:

1. Easy : ReportLab can remove the page much easier than changing it (I
think), so we reach our deadline
2. Better : We will not forget somebody to add (which is always the case
in these things) and no fuss for creating it.

> How does that sound? What I'd definitly not like to see is a
fragmentation into several cock-fighting gangs next week!

Please, let us surely avoid this.