[EuroPython] Brochure

Nicola Larosa nico@tekNico.net
Sat, 22 Jun 2002 08:48:33 +0200

> I want to draw a line on what happened today. This is clearly the
> *worst* scenario on how to start a conference.

No, it's not. Could be much worse. ;^)

> To tell you the truth, I'm a lot afraid of what will happen on
> wednesday, I'm scared to show my face at the conference.

Ehi, wait a minute. *You* worked hard for this, we all know this, and that's 
what's important, no matter what people say, or don't.

Besides, don't forget those couple dozen beers I owe you. You'll see things 
from a different perspective, after that. :^)

"Perl is a language for dog people, i.e., people who like big, shaggy,
messy critters that slobber all over the place, chew on everything,
and that require a lot of work to maintain.
Python is a language for cat people, people who like neat, independent,
self-contained critters that don't require a lot of maintenance."
   Eric L. Green

Nicola Larosa - nico@tekNico.net