[EuroPython] Brochure Updated - please print several and bring them with you :-)

Andy Robinson andy@reportlab.com
Mon, 24 Jun 2002 16:00:32 +0100

At long last the brohure has been modified, without any 
credits.   We had terrible ISP problems at the weekend 
and today and I had to give up and drive somewhere else
to upload this.  Sorry about the wait.  The Infrae ad moved
to under the floorplans, ReportLab lost any attribution 
whatsoever, but there aren't any hours left.

There is no change in URLs since Friday but I will restate 
them anyway.  The two static versions are at
http://server.reportlab.com/demos/epc/brochure.pdf (full)
http://server.reportlab.com/demos/epc/brochure_minimal.pdf (full)

The script which generates it can be reached via either
or from www.reportlab.com, then 'Live Demos' then the
bottom link using the menus.


Andy Robinson
ReportLab inc.

p.s. Regarding printer problems:  we still cannot reproduce
these and there is no time to fiddle at random and risk
breakages.  Every test we know comes up clean.  If anyone
is still having print problems, please try this:

(1) be very sure you downloaded the PDF by a right-click
and 'save as'; OCX plugins can do weird stuff sometimes.
(2) give details of the PRINTER architecture - model,
Postscript or PCL, version (not which Acrobat Reader,
as that is not the problem) and we'll investigate,
but not before the conference.