[EuroPython] what about september?

Martijn Faassen faassen@vet.uu.nl
Thu, 14 Nov 2002 17:26:03 +0100

Tom Deprez wrote:
> yes, but thus it have to be a business oriented conference? I think we have
> to keep it attractive for hackers too.
> I more prefer to have a mix of the hackers and business people, although
> seperated in a certain way. Like for instance the proposal to have day1 for
> business talks.

Agreed with this; I like this compromise. Start with a business day, 
2 days of main conference, and the 4th day (if we'll do 4 days) 
the hacker's day. I like both as I'm in business and a hacker. :)
Anyway, we need both -- open source related software needs hackers to
exist and develop further, and needs business to reach end users.

I do think the conference could do with a day (the first) that's very solution
oriented. This will attract more users with no big background in Python
(or Zope).

> I'm still in favor for giving people free entrance if they give a talk of at
> least 30-40 minutes. Perhaps we could let the business people pay, even if
> they give a talk, after all, it's like a sort of commercial isn't it?

It might be hard to distinguish between 'commercial' talks versus 
talking about something you're enthusiastic about. Perhaps you can split
it by track or something..