[EuroPython] EPC2003: program + length + public + fees

Nicolas Pettiaux nicolas.pettiaux@ael.be
Fri, 15 Nov 2002 12:08:16 +0100


I start a new thread that I hope is more explicit than the one "what abou=
september" to address these 4 questions that I would have liked to split =
that are too much linked the way I see them: : program + length + public =

I sully support the idea proposed by NicolasC (Chauvat) to have a 3 days=20
conference with the first day oriented to "consumers" of the applications=
opposition to developpers) organized around business cases.

For me there can exist a rather clear distinction between the people, bot=
the exhibitors as well as the public,  who attend that first day, that wi=
definitively be more business oriented than the other days, and the peopl=
who attend only the last 2 days, that could well be more developper orien=
as last year.=20

I would also suppose that students, if any, would be in general more=20
interested by the last 2 days. I do also think that students who are the=20
future business users as well as developpers should be encouraged by all=20
means to participate. One of the way is making it really cheap, easy and=20
attractive for them. (I will come back with more ideas like the one I put=
forward last year of a competition with a prize)

As there would exist different target public (again please consider both=20
exhibitors and "consumers"), one category that is business oriented and o=
that is less, and that there is a temporal split between the 2, we could=20
consider to make different fees. I suppose the distinction is clear enoug=
h to=20
make the logistics behind not that heavier. (I do also think that this=20
disctinction can help us, for example in the way that hostesses and/or a=20
active welcome desks are necessary - hence the associated cost- for the f=
day when it is less the other days.

Please comment and react,

Nicolas Pettiaux
Association =E9lectronique libre pour la promotion des=20
droits de l'Homme dans la Soci=E9t=E9 de l'information (AEL) -