[EuroPython] EPC2003: program + length + public + fees

Tom Deprez tom@aragne.com
Fri, 15 Nov 2002 14:33:22 +0100


>> replace "ticket" by "registration type" ;-)
>> The idea was that the 3-day-people can register on the first day,
>> whereas the 2-day people can not. So you do not need different
>> badges (which would have created a two-class society on the
>> remaining days), color tags or anything.

wait, are you for or against using colors or something like that?
What you suggest is that at the first day you can only register for 3 days?
So a business person who only wants to come the first day can't pay for one
day (because if we would allow this, it would make it difficult for people
checking everything)

Mmm, perhaps we could make two different colored badges:

eg Green : 3 days
     Blue   : last 2 days
    Yellow : only first day

That's easy checkable at the entrances. So instead using colors for
'pinning' people to what they are, we use it for payed days.

> Also the different colour nametags help people find other people who
> are interested to discuss different aspects of Zope. Possible there
> could be different colour codings.. like:
>    - Zope core / Zope product or service developer
>    - Zope User ( using zope products or doing inhouse development )
>    - Business

I don't think that we've to go that far...., don't forget it's a python
conference as well, so you need to make the difference there then too... and
whit how many colours will we then end up?
Mmm, what about people who are both?

I even don't know if all people would like to be pointed as 'business',
'hacker', ...
Would you really be only interested in people which have the same color tag
as yours?

> Remembering the event in Charleroi - I would have liked to know more
> beforehand about people there. I mean I do like to mingle with people
> and chit chat, but I would have also liked to use the time more
> efficiently. Know better who I can meet and arrange that.


> In the simplest form this is just a Wikiweb, where people can
> communicate. But it should be made public and promoted that poeple
> would take an advantage of these possibilities and use the valuable
> 'face time' well, meeting interesting people.

There was a wikiweb for the public.... I don't think it's used a lot.