[EuroPython] EPC2003: program + length + public + fees

Magnus Lycka magnus@thinkware.se
Fri, 15 Nov 2002 18:53:39 +0100

At 14:44 2002-11-15 +0100, Tom Deprez wrote:
> >> And people belonging to all three groups..? I once attended a
> >> meeting where you were able to "customize" your badge with colored
> >> dots, depending on your interest. This way people can signal
> >> interest in more than one category.

Honestly, this idea of walking around with coloured bagdes seem
a bit odd to me. Is it really so difficult for people to meet
and communicate that we need to be tagged? I'm interested in
all sorts of theings, and I'd like to be open for all sorts of
events. This feels a bit square to me. I don't like being labeled!
Isn't it better to just have fixed locations for various issues/
subjects, and let people gather around these locations instead of
walking around with some kind of codes? Business Square, Zope Corner,
Twisted Staircase and Scientific Dungeon or whatever?

How many people are expected to attend anyway? How many was there
last year?

> > I remember participating in really big conferences when all this was
> > computericed in a way that on your tag was a bar code that vendors
> > scanned, and they got on to their computers info about the interest
> > that we had filled in our registrations. Also on the badge was a
> > colour stickers for fast recorgnition into certaing group of
> > participants.
>ouch.... and this all in a cheap, low participant amount conference?

I think bar-code readers cost about 300 Euros.
They can be attached to the keyboard cable and
just act as if you had typed digits on the keyboard
so they are trivial to integrate with software.
Maybe one can borrow or rent some, or buy 2nd hand?

Barcodes can be printed with ReportLab, right?
So it's not such a high-tech thing, but it's hardly
something to have in each stand I guess...

If it could be of help in the registration process
etc, maybe it shouldn't be ruled out?

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