[EuroPython] EPC2003: program + length + public + fees

Nicolas Chauvat Nicolas.Chauvat@logilab.fr
Fri, 15 Nov 2002 19:41:55 +0100

On Fri, Nov 15, 2002 at 07:31:39PM +0100, holger krekel wrote:
> Were there any complaints from business or dev people last time? 
> I enjoyed the mixture of business and development tracks.  I am
> interested in certain businesses and certain python projects. There is
> no clear barrier separating the groups which is a good thing IMO.
> It didn't occur to me that the python business people were extremely
> eager to have a more formal type of environment.  Pythonic business 
> people seem more interesting than "usual" business people to me
> as much as python developers are compared to many other communities.
> Why not build on that? 

There was *no* business people at last year's conference. To be exact,
there was some companies fishing for business, but not a single person that
looked, even remotely, like someone would could write a check :-)

We can go either way: hackers only event OR business and hackers event.
Both are fine as long as the target is clearly defined. Last year was the
former, *not* the latter.

I was the one suggesting along with Nicolas Pettiaux that we could make
it otherwise, but it does not *have* to be otherwise. There are other
ways to get in touch with businesses than that kind of event.

Nicolas Chauvat

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