[EuroPython] Brochure next year (now "broken")

Andy Robinson andy@reportlab.com
Tue, 29 Oct 2002 12:28:20 -0000

> You might find the link to ReportLab's site generating the "current"
> brochure to be broken. Thats's sad, but... well, there are
> some tech-
> nical issues with memory-intensive jobs running on that box as it
> seems.

I see this too.  There is no issue with resources on that server -it
is dedicated - but our ISP may have changed something.  Investigating

> I hope ReportLab will be able to provide a similar service for next
> year's conference a well. And by then I'll also be able to add some
> time-table-like overview of presentations directly into the document
> generated right from your database!

As my other mail said:  I would love to see an 'event managing'
solution grow steadily from conference to conference.  What we did
will definitely be available again.  We'll try to be more structured
about what we accept this time, in order to save work and tell people
exactly what to submit - even give them ways to preview the content
when designing ads.

Also, it's a pity the Aragne guys remade the giant timetables,
as we can definitely allow timetables to come off the database in
all shapes and sizes.  I envisage the organisers being able to
rearrange lightning talks or last minute changes, hit 'print' and
get a new schedule instantly...

- Andy