[EuroPython] For everybody

Michael Hudson mwh@python.net
Wed, 16 Apr 2003 11:38:54 +0100

"Tom Deprez" <tom@aragne.com> writes:

> Hi,
> Yesterday, I've been at Charleroi. Denis (for those who don't know, the
> local organiser (PS3B;Argane) of last year and this year), told me that
> everything what we had last year will be there this year as well: Conference
> building, projectors, catering, .... So this is something we don't have to
> worry about (in case people did).
> I've contacted Joachim some days ago and he told me that the
> online-registration could be available before Eastern. So, this is good new
> as well. From the moment Joachim has the link ready, we can start with the
> online registration, which is soon.


> Now, I'm a little bit sceptic however on the fact if there is enough
> interest for a second EuroPython conference. Not many people have shown
> their interest in giving a talk. If it stays like this, their won't be a
> conference (my opinion). I would like to hear from the track chair people if
> there is indeed a lack of interest. If they think they can change it. If
> they think they can attrack people for giving a talk at the conference. So
> that EuroPython can provide a good balanced program to the visitors

My track (Python language) is doing OK.  Not everyone who's promised
me a talk has signed up on the website yet -- it's probably
traditional to leave these things to the last minute.  Though we do
only have three days until the official deadline... we're probably
going to have to push that back a week or so.  Hopefully we can spam
around the announcement of the delay widely enough to shake a few more
talks out of people.

> Keep in mind this is a community effort. It is the community who drives the
> conference. A lot of people give a helping hand to guide the conference, but
> at the end it is still the community which makes the difference.

Like he said!


  I'm sorry, was my bias showing again? :-)
                                      -- William Tanksley, 13 May 2000