[EuroPython] EPC Conference Brochure Builder

Tom Deprez tom@aragne.com
Wed, 16 Apr 2003 15:08:34 +0200

Hi Andy,


I like the idea a lot. I think it will be embraced by a lot of conferences

> The work on this will start in early May and probably
> take about 2 weeks before it is up for review.  The
> main issues for me now are to establish who will
> do what.
> - who is the "editor" who makes content decisions,
> supplies welcome letter text etc?

I hope somebody volunteers for this. I myself am not that a good writer. I
can write something, based on the text we made last year.
But if there are volunteers with experience (or those who just like to do
it), do jump in this opportunity

> (should be easy this year as we basically reuse as
> much as possible)

Yes, my idea as well. Reuse as much as possible.

> - is it still the same artist?  Will we reuse the nice cover?

Yes, we can still contact Vincent for it. I'll ask him to make one with the
date of this year.

> - once the dynamic programs are up, can the conference
> site cross-refer to ours for images and timetables
> while keeping the feeling of
> (e.g. <img
> src="http://server.reportlab.com/conferences/epc2003/timtables/day1.pn
> g">
> - who will be able to export data from the Zope
> server into our schema, when and how often?

Since Joachim made the database schema at the EP2002 and EPC2003 site, I
think it's best we contact him about this. (I'll write a mail to Joachim and
you so things can be discussed).

> - any nice suggestions for content, other than
> talks and interviews?

mmm, yes, no interviews this year... or are there some people who want to do
an interview with someone? Just go ahead!

> Discussion and feeback welcome for the next 2 weeks!

Doing my best

> After that we'll get on with it..

Thanks for your mail,