[EuroPython] www.europython.org gives an impression of imminent death...

Magnus Lyckå magnus@thinkware.se
Thu, 17 Apr 2003 15:51:57 +0200

I'm very happy to hear that things are happening after all,
but please, please, pretty please update the website ASAP!

I go to www.europython.org and check out the web site. If
I look under "brochure" I see 2002. If I look at tracks, it
seems to be current, but I can't see any track contents. If
I look at talks, I see nothing. If I look under presentations
I see nothing. There is no "timetable".

After all, it's just a little more than two months left, and
people have to make plans. If I had not been on this mailing
list, I had been certain that EuroPython 2003 was a doomed to
flop or be cancelled.

Considering todays mail, it seems that it isn't this bad, but
that is certainly the expression the website gives...

Magnus Lycka, magnus@thinkware.se
Thinkware AB, www.thinkware.se