[EuroPython] Possible Talks/Activities/Coaching on EPC

Andrew Smart Andrew.Smart@smart-knowhow.de
Mon, 21 Apr 2003 09:16:57 +0200

Hi folks,

I'm undecided about giving talks at EPC. The reason is that all of that
stuff doesn't have direct connections to Python or Zope. I can give
talks about
- what are the major obstacles in IT projects
- some views about measuring effort in IT projects
- the "Theory of Constraints" approach to IT projects/project management
- my systemical view of software projects and teams
- teams, geeks and the human factor

I could try to create some ideas how Python or ZOPE could support such
approaches, but to be true, I don't have enough experience with Python
teams to be able to judge the difference. 

So I'm asking the community if their are willing to hear something
where the words "Python" or "Zope" are in the background?

The second idea is a bit more experimental. It would not be a 
presentation but more like a working session. For this I would need
a team which is working together and which is willing to try out
something new. I would like to try out a technic called "problem/
solution sculpture" from the coaching on a given technical or
conceptional problem the team has to deal with.

Usually this sculptures are used to solve problems in organisational
situations, but I quite sure that an adaption could be thery useful
for IT related problems. 

At least I'm willing to give on ore two teams the "usual" systemical 
coaching. This is a bit related to the "teams, geeks and the human 
factor" topic. Coaching normal teams is one thing, coaching of a
teams of geeks a totally different, I think. I would like to do
this. But this coaching sessions have a maximum limit of 20-25
participants. Participant means participating, not just viewing or
hearing. Beeing participant means you could end up in a sculpture
saying things you didn't know before :-)

Give me your views, folks!