[EuroPython] Extending talk submission deadline

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Wed, 23 Apr 2003 10:45:18 +0200

Tom Deprez wrote:
> Okay,
> I just wanted to write a mail if the track chairman could fill their tracks.
> Looks like they don't have enough talks yet.
> So, ok, let's extend it. I adjust it on the website. Can others (chairman)
> announce it on the different lists? Thanks?
> I'll wait for opening the registration online, until we have some idea of
> the talks.
> Can the track chairman already approve some talks ? This so that visitors of
> the site can already have some idea...

Tim and I will look into this within the next week.

BTW, the Talks link on the web-site doesn't list approved talks. Is
that intended ?

> Ok to extend it till : 12th of May (so that's 3 weeks from now) ... and
> that's final.

Thanks !

Marc-Andre Lemburg

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