[EuroPython] Possible Talks/Activities/Coaching on EPC

Andrew Smart Andrew.Smart@smart-knowhow.de
Thu, 24 Apr 2003 11:01:33 +0200

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> This is certainly interesting in itself. It is also mainly about
> project management, if I understand correctly, and as you have
> touched on it yourself, it could be seen as a departure from the
> main conference topics, which are Python and Zope.
> While I definitly wouldn't mind one more business talk, I'm not so
> sure I'd like to see the conference scope being extended by an en-
> tire track or day dedicated to project management issues.
> Dinu

Hi Dinu & others,

I understand your comment, and the same argument is part for my
hesitation to propose such a talk.

But, thinking of it, maybe there is a way to integrate the communitity
and/or the audience. I'm thinking about to query the community about
the effects of a switch of developing languages (say from C++ to Python)
from a project manager point of view.

I'll write a seperate mail for this.