[EuroPython] Only three talks?

Magnus Lyckå magnus@thinkware.se
Thu, 24 Apr 2003 13:15:03 +0200

There are still only three talks on http://www.europython.org/sessions/talks
even though the "No fixed day yet"-issue was dealt with. I though M-A and
others had talks in the system as well! Where are they? More Plone problems?

BTW, I'm also interested in Andrew's not-entirely-python-related talks.
After all, dealing with human beings in a productive way is probably more
important for most software projects than the choice of programming language,
but I agree that these things are interconnected, that the choice of language
can affect the "soft" issues.

In general, it's about time for me (and others too I guess) to decide whether
to go or not, and I'd certainly like more substance before I decide. (It
starts to sound good from the mails on this list, but I imagine we also want
to attract some people who don't subscribe to the mailing list...)

BTW, is Guido coming? IIRC he's the reason it was placed in June, not in
the autumn. If he is coming, I think that should be clearly advertised.

What about Twisted people? Anyone heard anything?

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