[EuroPython] Talk database

Tom Deprez tom@aragne.com
Wed, 30 Apr 2003 17:54:08 +0200


>>> Could someone please explain why the talk database is corrupted
>>> and all the work we've done on it so far gone down the drain ?
>> http://starship.python.net/crew/mwh/tracker/europython/issue38
> Thanks :-/
> Would have been nice to tell us track chairmen about
> the problem.

Well, we were having the problem since yesterday. All the people at the IRC
knew about it. As told frequently on the list, we daily visit at the
#europython channel and a log is available of that chat.
Also the tracker (mentioned) is available for everybody (mostly for
everybody who wants to help in EP). It was the purpose of the tracker to
inform people about a certain status or problem.

We were first trying to know how *bad* it was and trying to solve it, before
contacting everybody about it.

>When can we expect a restored copy of the track database ?

Have you actually read the tracker?

a copy of the data.fs will be available tomorrow, but we don't even know if
it will help us, since it is another kind of backup (for eg HD failures).
So it's quiet possible that we won't have a good copy! Yes, this is bad.
Yes, this is stupid, yes..., yes .., yes... but we now have the problem and
need to fix it.

> Also, why did you start to send out emails to the speakers
> without asking the track chairmen for their consent ???

Ah, this is my fault. See also tracker.
In order to move quickly -since this is a highly urgent matter- I proposed
Joachim to send a mail to all the people from whom we missed information. We
couldn't wait before every chairmen would bring his input. This could have
taken several days.
This to save a day when it turns out that the backup isn't usefull for us.
Alas, it looks like Joachim handled too quickly, without discussing the
message for the email itself.

>The emails you sent out look just completely silly...

I haven't seen those, so I don't know how they look.

>(do I sound angry enough ?)

no, really, I learned to live with these kind of things recently.

Before somebody askes... yes precautions are under way to be sure this won't
happen in the future.