[EuroPython] de-facto procedures

Martijn Faassen faassen@vet.uu.nl
Wed, 30 Apr 2003 19:37:13 +0200

Hi there,

Since the way we're organizing this conference has changed some
since last year partially because of new tools, I'd like to give
a bit of an expansion on what Michael and Anna already mentioned:

We have a #europython channel on irc.freenode.net. People hang out here
quite regularly, and there are meetings every weekday at the end of the
day. I, Tom, Michael, Anna, Moshe and Laura seem to be the most
active at present.

The EP IRC logs are available at:
(thanks to Moshe)

The next major change since last year is that we have an actual
issue tracker. This helps us keep track of issues far more easily
than we could last year:

(thanks to MWH)

If you subscribe to the issue tracker and 'nosy' yourself on the issues
you're interested in, you get automatic email whenever there is some
update. Please make issues for topics you consider important. 
And *please* if you haven't already subscribe to it! If you have
any business with the organization at all, it's likely I or someone
else will want to include you on an issue.

I'll add a few perhaps redundant last words about the problems with the talks
database. There was a screwup and followed up by lack of good communication;
even us on IRC and reading the issue tracker were for a long time in the
dark on what was going on. We were unhappy too, of course.

I hope communication will be improved in the future. Also we need better 
backup procedures and a better software upgrade policy, but then we're all a 
bunch of volunteers and we should also be glad someone is doing the hard work.

We'll investigate tomorrow whether we may be able to get a more complete
restoration of the talks database from the backup.