[EuroPython] Talk database

Tom Deprez Tom Deprez" <tom@aragne.com
Wed, 30 Apr 2003 21:32:13 +0200


Damn, you make me angry. I promised myself to ignore all these mails,
boy I get tired... sorry that I take this personal.

> Sorry, didn't mean you personally. I meant those who initiated the
> emails before informing the ones who have the direct contact to the
> speakers... explaining a mistake by an auto-generated email isn't
> exactly what people would expect after you've just cleared out
> their submissions !

blablablabla. And you never make mistakes????????

> W/r to constructive suggestions: I've asked for daily backups of
> the site several times before, Tom promised to look into adding
> them.

Funny, I never think I promised to do that...
PS. There are backups... Amaze makes them.

So don't point a finger at me... oh yes it is easy to tell that this and
that has to be done.
Go ahead and implement it... don't tell somebody has to do it. Do it
We aren't an organisation. We are all volunteers.
Sure things get better, but if everybody would actually do themselfs,
what they talk about, this would actually be a brilliant organisation.
But too bad, thats not life...

>You could also try to revive the xmlrpc
> GetTalks/GetRegistrations scripts we used last year
> (I used them last year to at least save those two important
> databases in a separate location as backup).

hehe, do you really think we didn't thought about that?

> And here's another suggestion: when hacking on the web-site,
> please please use a staging system *before* going into production.

Well.... that's funny... we wouldn't have thought about that. We are so
dumb we don't think on such things...
oh my god... what do you think  we are??? Well, let me say it for you:

We are dumb volunteers, waiting for people to *** on us.

> Tim an I have tried to recover at least the data from our
> track: turned out that the browser had saved a listing with
> the titles, so at least that information is not lost.

Good for you

And thank you for making me happy.

(Do I sound angry enough?)