[EuroPython] Moving ahead

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Wed, 05 Feb 2003 10:52:18 +0100

Tom Deprez wrote:
>>One question: which of these two instances is to be used to keep
>>a copy of 2002's conference and which can be worked on for 2003 ?
> The new instance is for 2003

Ok. In that case, I suggest to disable admin access to the old
instance so that things don't get accidentally messed up.

>>I'd like to start getting going with the track management for the
>>business track. Things to do:
>>* find time slots (we have 3 full days, right ?)
>>* find speakers
>>* add talks to the database
>>Prior to this, the talk database will have to be cleared, of course.
> Joachim is working on this one. He needs to install a new version of his
> product first.
> The best is *not* to clear the database, and just use a year field to
> define for which year the talk is.
> So we can only work on tracks etc, when Joachim finishes his upgrade.

I see. What's the time frame for this ? I am already getting requests
from people who'd like to do talks as well as people who'd like
to register for the conference and can't find the correct
registration page.

>>Dito for the wiki (are you going to use a wiki again for
>>organization ?), the press-releases, etc.
> These will be cleared. I don't know if people are still willing to use
> the wiki.

It's probably good for the press-release management, but
nothing more.

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