[EuroPython] europython.org domain

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Thu, 06 Feb 2003 11:38:15 +0100

In order to properly install the web-site (without any frame
trickery), mailing lists, etc. we need to have access to the
name server entries for the europython.org domain.

Last year we postponed this transfer due to lack of time, but
I would like to suggest that the europython.org domain be hosted
by one of the providers we use for hosting the web-site. If this
poses a problem, eGenix.com can also do the name service hosting
at no charge.

I have CCed Thomas Reulbach in the hope that he'll respond to this
request. If he doesn't want to transfer the domain itself to
anyone here, then perhaps we could at least redirect the name
server entries for the domain to someone who can then administer
the various entries to match the web-servers we are using ?!
The domain would then still be owned by Thomas, but at least
it would become fully functional for the purpose of hosting the
EuroPython webserver and mailing lists.

Marc-Andre Lemburg
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