[EuroPython] Who are the organizers ?

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Mon, 10 Feb 2003 10:09:22 +0100

Paul Everitt wrote:
> On Sunday, Feb 9, 2003, at 13:25 Europe/Paris, M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
>> Given that we only have 135 days left for the organization, I'd
>> like to ask this question a lot earlier than last year.
> Well said.
>> As I understand the current situation, Tom and Denis will
>> again play the part of the executives and do most of the
>> local business. Then we have a few track chairmen (still not
>> enough; see my other mail) and volunteers to do the web-site
>> and registration system. We also need people who will take
>> care of these things:
>> * overall conference program organization
>> * web site management
>> * press releases
>> * brochure editing and delivery
>> * sponsor organization, including booths, bags, etc.
>> Putting a few managers for these things in place will make the
>> whole process go much more smoothly than last year, IMHO.
>> Starting early also helps ;-)
> FWIW, these kinds of things are now what I'm supposed to be doing as my 
> job.  Meaning, I can participate more than last year.  I can sign up for 
> running press releases and brochures.  I can also contribute to web site 
> management.

Great !

Perhaps you could manage a list of people who have signed
up for these jobs ? (much like the list of track chairmen
which I have posted)

>> Any takers ?
>> Note that while I am trying to push things a little, I am not
>> volunteering for any of this. However, I believe in structured
>> working and a clear definition of responsibilities. That's the
>> motivation behind these postings.
> Agreed.  We also need to make sure, though, that we don't have any areas 
> with a single person in charge.  I think we learned last year, and I 
> learned in other conferences, that people can become very enthusiastic 
> up front and very unavailable at the critical moments.

Indeed. It should be clear that when you take over one of these
manager positions you are responsible for that part of the conference.
Since all of these parts are very important for the success
of the event, it is vital to find people willing to invest all
the way.

Having a backup always helps, of course. I just have a feeling
that we won't find enough people to even cover all of the above

Marc-Andre Lemburg

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