[EuroPython] Slogan for EPC2003

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Wed, 12 Feb 2003 11:52:17 +0100

Magnus Lycka wrote:
> At 23:42 2003-02-11 +0100, M.-A. Lemburg wrote:
>> Do you think it's good to have Python mentioned twice in the
>> title ?
>>                 EuroPython 2003
>>             Python -- It's about time...
> Well, just remove the second Python if it will be used like that.
>                EuroPython 2003
>             It's a matter of time

I think that this line is much less obvious than the
"simple is better than complex" one.

> But "Simple is better than Complex" is fine with
> me. As long as we don't run "Complex is better
> than Complicated" next year... ;)
> It's really a matter of what we try to push. If we want
> to focus on shortening development times, I think the
> a time-related slogan is better. But lowering complexity
> is certainly worthwhile too.

Shortening dev times is a good slogan too, but we'll
need a different punch line to get that across, something
            Raising the Bar on Productivity

(not sure whether it's "on Productivity" or "for Productivity"
  - a native speaker should clear up that difference)

> Both slogans need some kind of explaining context to make
> sense.
> Have you seen the "Java Problem" memo by the way... Some
> Sun people have noticed that Python is more or less as fast
> as Java, but much smaller and faster in startup despite being
> much more dynamic...
> http://www.internalmemos.com/memos/memodetails.php?memo_id=1321

Not that we didn't know before they wrote up that paper :-)
It doesn't buy us much though: system vendors are interested
in resource hungry programming platforms and that's why Java
is being pushed by so many of those high-priced hardware
vendors like IBM and Sun.

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