[EuroPython] Business Track EPC2003

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Sat, 18 Jan 2003 17:16:33 +0100

Nicolas Pettiaux wrote:
> Le Mercredi 15 Janvier 2003 20:14, M.-A. Lemburg a =E9crit :
>>Tim Couper and I would like to volunteer as track chairmen
>>for the EPC 2003 Business Track.
> Thank you.=20
> Before stating my point about your interesting proposal, I would like t=
o know=20
> the answer to some questions I have like (not limited to)=20
> * how do you see this business track in the overall EPC2003 schedule ?

We're open to suggestions here. I think that last year has
shown the business track to be a popular track and we intend
to grow on that.

> * What actions do you plan to take relate to the actions of chairing th=
> EPC2003 Business Track. (EBT)

The same we took last year: make sure that everything works
out and that the quality of talks is assured.

> * who would be the public for EBT

People interested in using Python in business projects; last
years audience was largely composed of such people -- both
from the customer and the project management camp.

> * how do you plan to attract such a public

Basically using the same mechanisms as last year (press
releases, announcements on mailing lists, etc.). Since we
now have the PBF, we could also use their resources to
attract more business people.

We think that last years event has shown that EPC is
a usable platform for inviting interested business
parties, i.e. the conference atmosphere is very
professional and the quality of talks high. This makes
EPC an ideal platform for introducing customers to
Python and its offerings.

> * what will you propose him as business value

Getting to know Python, meeting business people
in the field, exchanging experiences, etc.

> * where would your public come from (types of companies as well as=20
> geographical origin)

Since EPC is a European event, we're mostly reaching
out to the European community. As for types of
companies, this is hard to say. Last year we had mostly
people from smaller companies; though, I'd really like
to see a few Fortune500 companies presented there too.

I think that the final goal should be the company
scope of recent IPC conferences, that is the whole
range from small companies with high profile up to
the big players such as Disney.

> * how large do you expect the business public to be and why=20

This really depends on how companies will begin to
use EPC as platform. Last year had few customers on site --
I guess mainly because it wasn't clear yet what kind of
conference EPC would turn out to be. We expect this to
change starting this year.

Now, I'm curious about your point :-)

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