[EuroPython] EuroPython Website

Juan David Ibáñez Palomar j-david@noos.fr
Wed, 29 Jan 2003 13:09:53 +0100

Tom Deprez wrote:

>>While working on the call-for-papers form, I tried to understand the
>>software-layout of the EuroPython site, and it looks too complicated
>>to me.
>>Is the Localizer-setup there state of the art, or wouldn't it be
>>better to switch to
>>i18n support there ?
>Nope, it isn't the state of the art. It was added after the site was mostly
>build. What do you mean with i18n? The support for i18n included  in the
>latest releases of Zope 2.x?
>For my part, the i18n may be made different in the 2003 version of
>EuroPython. Most text has to be translated again, so this work has to be
>done anyway and as far as I know, it doesn't mind which tool to use.
>However, I don't know anything of the i18n support in Zope2.x, I do know
>that the translations were quickly made with the use of  Localizer, so we
>can say that localizer is an easy tool.

The switch to the i18n tal namespace could help. Note that
you still need a backend, Localizer+TranslationService is
an option, maybe there are others.

The other multilingual part is the content, here it will be
harder to find alternatives to Localizer. Actually, this was
the most problematic part, the problem are the applications
that are built without i18n in mind, you can just add i18n
at the end. For example, the ZPatterns based applications
were the hardest thing to internationalize.

Anyway, if we want to support non latin-1 langauges, an
update to Zope 2.6 and Localizer 1.0 should be done. Another
suggestion, no more images with localizable text.

I hope to help with the i18n as I did last year, I expect
to have time later in February.

Another important thing, the 2002 web site should live in a
different Zope instance. Otherwise it is very likely we will
break it when we build the 2003 web site (because of software
updates, etc..)

Once this is done, I think the site should migrate to Zope 2.6
and Localizer 1.0, the TranslationService product should be
installed too.

And please, anybody developing an application for the web site,
think about i18n.

Best regards,

J. David Ibáñez, http://www.j-david.net
Software Engineer / Ingénieur Logiciel / Ingeniero de Software