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> Tom Deprez wrote:
>>> While working on the call-for-papers form, I tried to understand the
>>> software-layout of the EuroPython site, and it looks too complicated
>>> to me.
>>> Is the Localizer-setup there state of the art, or wouldn't it be
>>> better to switch to
>>> i18n support there ?
>> Nope, it isn't the state of the art. It was added after the site was
>> mostly build. What do you mean with i18n? The support for i18n included
>> in the latest releases of Zope 2.x?
>> For my part, the i18n may be made different in the 2003 version of
>> EuroPython. Most text has to be translated again, so this work has to be
>> done anyway and as far as I know, it doesn't mind which tool to use.
>> However, I don't know anything of the i18n support in Zope2.x, I do know
>> that the translations were quickly made with the use of  Localizer, so =
>> can say that localizer is an easy tool.
>> Tom.
> The switch to the i18n tal namespace could help. Note that
> you still need a backend, Localizer+TranslationService is
> an option, maybe there are others.

Do you have an example, where the i18n namespace is used in "pure" Zope=20
i.e. without
CMF or Plone ?

> The other multilingual part is the content, here it will be
> harder to find alternatives to Localizer. Actually, this was
> the most problematic part, the problem are the applications
> that are built without i18n in mind, you can just add i18n
> at the end. For example, the ZPatterns based applications
> were the hardest thing to internationalize.

My new product AixtraTables does not use ZPatterns anymore, and I intend to =

build in
support for Localizer.

> Anyway, if we want to support non latin-1 langauges, an
> update to Zope 2.6 and Localizer 1.0 should be done. Another
> suggestion, no more images with localizable text.

>From what I read in the Localizer INSTALL.txt Localizer 1.0 also works with
Zope 2.5.1, if a patch is applied.

> I hope to help with the i18n as I did last year, I expect
> to have time later in February.
> Another important thing, the 2002 web site should live in a
> different Zope instance. Otherwise it is very likely we will
> break it when we build the 2003 web site (because of software
> updates, etc..)

I agree, but it may be hard to get two Zope instances for free.

> Once this is done, I think the site should migrate to Zope 2.6
> and Localizer 1.0, the TranslationService product should be
> installed too.
> And please, anybody developing an application for the web site,
> think about i18n.
> Best regards,
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