[EuroPython] EuroPython Website

Tom Deprez tom@aragne.com
Wed, 29 Jan 2003 14:07:14 +0100


Nicolas Chauvat wrote:
>> Once this is done, I think the site should migrate to Zope 2.6
>> and Localizer 1.0, the TranslationService product should be
>> installed too.
> If we do this, I suggest we omve to Plone 1.0 which will be released
> next week. As it is a complete Content Management System, sharing
> tasks and rights will be much easier.

To be honoust I'm not a Plone addict... Also while you have everything else,
we still need to change the look of it (to the EuroPython site now), so this
means... more time I have to put in. Further, I'm not sure, but thus Plone
not require that you have a certain version of a browser? I don't like that
at all... Since on the internet a lot of different browsers and versions of
browsers exist. You can debate on the fact why people don't upgrade, but
people are free to use whatever they want.
I also don't know how Joachims products work in Plone. Joachim can give you
more on this.

> We could even give access to people that want to give talks for them
> to update their contact info, presentation abstract, etc. thus
> distributing the work and reducing the workload even further.

Yes, this is interesting. But see above, my strongest objection is that you
need certain browsers and versions. Perhaps I'm wrong here, if so, tell me.
But I don't want to get messages everyday telling me that the site doesn't
look nice or doesn't work on somebody's browser.

> Yes, I'm willing to help to set things up.

But of course, if people insist on having plone, I'm willing to help the