[EuroPython] EuroPython Website

Tom Deprez tom@aragne.com
Wed, 29 Jan 2003 14:15:14 +0100


>> Another important thing, the 2002 web site should live in a
>> different Zope instance. Otherwise it is very likely we will
>> break it when we build the 2003 web site (because of software
>> updates, etc..)
> I agree, but it may be hard to get two Zope instances for free.

Question is already asked to Amaze. I'm waiting for their response, but I
would understand them if they say 2 is too much.

At least the database information (talks, etc) will still exist if we only
have one instance (which is the most important). If the old site is needed,
we can then always upgrade it to the new instance (after 2003 is more or
less ready)