[EuroPython] Tracks issue (Todo 1)

M.-A. Lemburg mal@lemburg.com
Sat, 01 Mar 2003 22:23:38 +0100

Tom Deprez wrote:
> Hi,
> Mmm, looks very silent, I think we need to get some people start working
> :-) and further it's good to put my mind to something else for the
> moment.
> Okay, if we want people, we need to be able to show them what we can
> offer to them, so I think we need start finding people who are willing
> to give a talk. Before that, we need to find the people who want to be
> Track Chairman. The sooner we can do this, the better.
> Todo list concerning Talks:
> ---------------------------
> 1) Finding Chairman

Please add

1 a) setup the talk submission form (I've asked for this before, but
      so far nothing happened -- how are track chairmen supposed to
      organize the tracks without this tool ?)

> 2) Devide tracks per day and room (chairman can start already with
> finding people): Making Slots

You can only do this once you have an approximate idea of
how many talks there will be, so I'd suggest to postpone
this for at least a few weeks.

> 3) Fill up the track-slots with talks


> Proposed Tracks:
> ------------------
> Can also be seen at http://www.europython.org/sessions/descriptions
> Python in Business Track (Tim Couper, Marc-Andre Lemburg)

That's correct and we are ready to start, except for the above
issue :-/

Marc-Andre Lemburg

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