Thoughts on Executive Committee? (Was Re: [EuroPython] Version 0.0.1 of CFP announcement)

Denis Frère
Tue, 11 Mar 2003 01:01:56 +0100

Le Mon, Mar 10, 2003 at 07:17:26PM +0100, Tom Deprez pianota:
> In the future I even don't reply anymore to these kind of messages.

What's the big problem now ?

I know I'm not very present on the list. I asked Tom to be my relay, as
he tells in one of his last mails.

Here, I don't feel any real urgence. The venue is booked, and I'm
continuing to contact people to have some booths or sponsoring. 

Last week, for example, I phoned to ASDU (the bookseller) because they
hadn't answered my mail. Ann Jossart who was responsible last year is
pregnant and got some hollidays, so I had to explain the whole thing to
her teammate.

I also tried to reach the right person in a big Belgian financial
institution where they are using Python. I got a name and a phone
number, but I couldn't manage to reach that person up to now. I keep
trying, but that guy seems to be often unavailable.

I got some reply from our regional institutions, but that's bad news :
they don't want to support a Python conference which they see as too

I have no concrete answer (written engagement) for rooms to hold
sprints, but there is good will from the same school as last year (where
we held the Zope sprint). 


For the program, I let the specialists decide, you're doing a great job.

Unfortunately, nor Mitch Kapor nor Bruce Eckel can join as keynote
speakers. I will follow the good ideas of Laura or try to have a
brilliant inspiration.

I can't join the chat this Tuesday (as I couldn't today), but if you
need my recomfort, I will be there this Wednesday at 17:00 CET. :-)

No stress. Everything's all right if we compare to last year.

Back soon,


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