[EuroPython] RE: [Pbf] Some things I'd like to see at EuroPython...

Andy Robinson andy@reportlab.com
Sun, 16 Mar 2003 09:31:47 -0000

> * A ReportLab tutorial.

With pleasure.  I've had one accepted for OSCON
and would like to do the same here:  start from the 
beginning, with a focus on letting people add PDF 
output to their own application. I can easily
do 3 hours and think it probably needs this to
teach it well; although we could break it down
into PDF (maybe 70%) and graphics (maybe 30%).

> * A Twisted tutorial or workshop.

Yes please!  

(actually, for a really fun idea, I'd like to
hook up our code to Twisted to make a chart server
and/or a PDF server.  Itamar reckons it might
be just a handful of lines of code, it would be
a good teaching example for Twisted, and letting
everyone make data-aware bitmap charts on the
web would be really cool.  Maybe a sprint the
day before, then work it into the tutorials ?)

- Andy