[EuroPython] Some things I'd like to see at EuroPython...

Andy Robinson andy@reportlab.com
Sun, 16 Mar 2003 09:36:30 -0000

May I also suggest 3 topics, for purely selfish
reasons i.e. I'd love someone to teach me about

* a Mac Python overview talk?

Having just needed to get to grips with MacPython and
as an old NextStep hacker, I am very excited by this
platform.  MacPython will by then (2.3) be the standard
Unix python 'plus extras'.  And the bindings to Objective-C
were a thing of beauty back in 1994.  I think lots of people

(Dinu?  Jack Jansen?)

* fonts and typography in Python

Just van Rossum has been doing really cool stuff in this
field.  We're hoping even more will have been done.
Lots of apps need to know about fonts in a cross platform

* choices for mixing Python, C and C++

Some kind of knowledgeable overview of the many different 
tools available and which are good for what e.g. SWIG,
Pyrex, Boost and others, to guide anyone who needs to
regularly integrate software this way.  Once upon a time it 
was ust SWIG, now there are half a dozen.

Best Regards,

Andy Robinson