[EuroPython] Unbelievable prices London Stansted -> EuroPython again

Andy Robinson andy@reportlab.com
Sat, 3 May 2003 15:31:07 +0100

I just bought my return trip to Europython from www.ryanair.com.
GBP 28 (about 40 Euros) return trip!  Similar fares to other
part of Europe with Ryanair, Go and Easyjet.

I strongly urge anyone flying on a budget in Europe to look at
flying  via Stansted. Cheap flights come and go to minor
airports all over Europe.

My flight out arrives in Charleroi at 22:35 on Tuesday
(details below if anyone else wants to do the same),
and there is one back at 20:00 each night. Those
would be perfect if you needed one more leg in Europe.

And hopefully enough Pythonistas for a coding sprint
if there's a 5 hour delay :-)

Best Regards,

Andy Robinson
ReportLab Europe Ltd.

p.s. Here's the curious bit:  the return flight element is
4.48 (7 Euros).  The rest was all airport taxes and
a credit card handling fee. If you want to know how
they do it, try booking one the week before and see
how much the price goes up....

>  Thank you for booking with Ryanair.

> From London Stansted(STN) to Charleroi Brussels(CRL)
> Tue, 24Jun03 Flight FR1018 Depart STN at 20:35 and arrive CRL at 22:35

> From Charleroi Brussels(CRL) to London Stansted(STN)
> Thu, 26Jun03 Flight FR1019 Depart CRL at 20:00 and arrive STN at 20:00

>  *********4.48 GBP    Adults     <<<<<<<< the return ticket
>  *********4.00 GBP    Fees       <<<<<<<< credit card handling
>  *********6.00 GBP    Service Charges
>  *********3.76 GBP    Ins Levy
>  *********5.00 GBP    UK Air Duty
>  *********4.82 GBP    Government Tax
>  *********0.00 GBP    Airport Tax
>  *********0.00 GBP    Car rental
>  *********0.00 GBP    Insurance
>  ********28.06 GBP    Total Paid