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Subject: EuroPython 2003; Online Registration open
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From: europython@python.org
Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 01:46:46 +0200

Hi there! 

A year has passed and we hope you all had a good time.
The first EuroPython congress was a success, so it was impossible to ignore it this year.
Several people are working hard on a sequel and so it happens we can announce the Second EuroPython congress to you. 
If you liked it last year, then you are probably interested for being in Charleroi again, this year.
Therefor this small announcement.

Interested? Have a look at http://www.europython.org

Online registration for EuroPython2003 is open. You can reach online registration at http://www.europython.org/Registration/register!
The deadline for early bird registrations is May 31.

Also see the official press release for more information: http://www.europython.org/other/press_releases

See you at EuroPython2003!