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Laura Creighton lac at strakt.com
Mon Nov 3 16:36:08 EST 2003

In a message of Mon, 03 Nov 2003 22:24:55 +0100, Magnus Lycka writes:
>Hi I thought I'd try to contribute a bit to the EuroPython
>web site.
>I thought I could write a bit about Göteborg, how to get there,
>what to do, where to stay etc. Are there any preferences on how
>to go about this?
>I assume we are using the europython-develop.zope.nl/epc site,
>Magnus Lycka, Thinkware AB
>Alvans vag 99, SE-907 50 UMEA, SWEDEN
>phone: int+46 70 582 80 65, fax: int+46 70 612 80 65
>http://www.thinkware.se/  mailto:magnus at thinkware.se

Aha, speaking of getting cracking ... :-)
I think that it would be good if what you produced came in nice
separable chunks -- one chunk for each 'what to do' so that people
can add their 'what to do's' without editing one soon to be
humungous file.

Also so you can post them one at a time here and drum up even
more enthuthiasm.  

I think when writing about things which are good for families,
mentioning that is a good idea.

I'd sort of like a whole 'how to be a tourist' page ....

The Charleroi Map for 'where hotels are' and getting around
was very good.  I'd like to be as good or better.

thanks Magnus!


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