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Hello you all,

I would like to send you some suggestions based on communication experience
as well as team management: people never get a better result if they
depreciate the work done by others.

Remarks 1 :
>> "After two successful years in Charleroi, Belgium, it is time for
>> Europython to change venue and raise its ambitions."  "We will have more
>> venue space at lower cost next year",

Suggestion : this phrase could be understood as a depreciation of the work
done before. You never win depreciating others, prefer promotion of
continuous success and new services.

I would prefer that you write something like : "the success of the past 2
editions, continuous growth of the market and suggestions received from
atteendees have led us to some reorganization of the programming: more
sessions will be held, ...."

Remark 2 = same as remark 1
"Reducing cost and increasing quality has been a main concern"

I would prefer "low cost lodging and new services will be offered to

Remark 3 = same as remark 1

"to help make this the best Python conference ever"

If you look back, not many people had the guts to organize the first
Europython. Maybe in 2006 your organization (as good as it will be) will
appear small and unprofessional.

Prefer for example "help make this Python conference continue the momentum
and growth initiated by its founders"...

People never loose to congratulate good work done by others.

Just suggestions. Fell free to follow it or not,

All the best,

Xavier Heymans (working with Godefroid Chappelle)
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>> Here follows a draft press release. It is only intended as a heads-up, with
>> more information sent out around 1 December. Comments and changes are
>> welcome.
>> Jacob
>> The Europython Team is proud to announce the third Europython
>> Conference, to be held at the Chalmers University of Technology,
>> Göteborg, Sweden on 7-9 June 2004.
>> After two successful years in Charleroi, Belgium, it is time for
>> Europython to change venue and raise its ambitions. "We will have more
>> venue space at lower cost next year", says Darío Lopez-Kästen, who is
>> in charge of venue booking. "This will allow us to have a fourth track
>> as well as holding BOF sessions and private meetings. We will also
>> have space for a small Python exhibition at very low cost for
>> participating companies."
>> "Reducing cost and increasing quality has been a main concern", says
>> Laura Creighton, local organiser. "We have made a block reservation of
>> about 150 beds in good quality 2 and 4 bed rooms that will be
>> available for booking at very low prices. I am also going to work on
>> the catering side. Apart from lunches and coffee, we hope to have a
>> conference dinner next year."
>> "All the track chairs are continuing their work", comments Martijn
>> Faasen, chair of the Python Frameworks track. "This allows us to
>> expand the program with new tracks, since more volunteers are joining
>> in the the planning and organising. We have plans for a short refereed
>> paper track, a social skills track and an expanded business track. We
>> would like to have an education track as well and are looking for
>> someone who wants to chair it."
>> Jacob Hallén, head organiser adds: "We are already looking forward to
>> June 2004. We think next Europython is going to be a lot of fun. Apart
>> from the conference itself, there will be sprints held both before and
>> after the conference. I am rather certain both Zope and the PyPy
>> project will hold sprints. Other people who want to hold sprints
>> should contact us as soon as possible. For the conference, we hope
>> more people will join us as volunteers to help make this the best
>> Python conference ever. So please reserve 7-9 June 2004 in your
>> calendars and keep a lookout for more information in the next few
>> weeks. The best deals will be for the early birds."
>> Volunteers and people having questions and inquiries should send them
>> by email to europython at python.org.
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