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hi steve,

Steve Alexander wrote:

| Dario wrote:
|> Steve Alexander just stepped up as official educational track
|> chair. I'm forwarding this message to him, so you can get in
|> touch with each other.
| Hi Jodok!
| Can you tell me something about who you are, and what you'd be
| interested in doing on the education track?

yes, i'm jodok batlogg, ceo of the solution2u.net gmbh in austria. we
are a small company working mainly with plone.
together with godefroid chapelle (the list should know him :)) i
coordinate the i18n activities in the plone project.

what are my ambitions with e-learning?
- - my first e-learning project started 2000, with the european project
candle (www.candle.eu.org. i coordinated/wrote the proposal and
managed the project at the beginning)
- - after founding my own company in 2001 and doing some java stuff we
switched to zope/plone in february 2003.
- - since a few weeks (or already month?) i'm coordinating the eduplone
consortium. our goal is to bring plone, didactics and standardization

what is eduplone?
- - eduplone is an open source learning content management system build
on top of the web application framework ZOPE and the CMS Plone.

what does eduplone provide?

o concepts:
- - we've got a strong background in the educational area (webdidactis
of prof. meder)
- - standardization: georg pleger is member of the relevant
standardisation commitees and brings a lot of knowledge into the team
- - open source / open content: we are trying to find the right balance
between os and business

o products
- -  IMS-Content-Package Export
The IMS Content Packaging specification makes it possible to exchange
created courses and learning material between different systems. The
product IMSCPTypes provides an IMS-conform export for Plone-content.
It's a complete implementation of the specification
- - Interactive Learning-Sequences with IMS-Learning Design export
The Product LearningSequence provides an simple and efficient way to
enable interaction between tutor and student in the process of
- - eduploneContentTypes
These types are an archetypes based implementation for web-didactical
concepts by Prof. Norbert Meder and the eduplone consortium.

o services
- - training/coaching
- - consulting (content migration, strategic decisions,...)
- - production of learning material
- - development

which people are behind eduplone?

o Austria
- - OpenSource.Agentur - Georg Pleger
- - solution2u.net GmbH - Jodok Batlogg (executive)
o Germany
- - BlueDynamics GmbH - Robert Boulanger
- - JANUS software Projekte GmbH - Hannes Meder
- - jens quadrat GbR - Jens Klein
- - tomcom GmbH - Thomas Zeleny
o Netherlands
- - Zopeworks NL - Jean-Paul Ladage
o Norway
- - Plone Solutions AS - Alexander Limi

- ---------------------
and finally :) what are my ambitions for europython?

- - i (and the eduplone team) would like to talk about the stuff above
:). not only about eduplone, but about didactics, standards,...

thanks for your attention


| To the rest of the europython list: should these introductions and
| track-specific discussions take place on-list or off-list?
| -- Steve Alexander

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jodok batlogg
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http://solution2u.net/ · batlogg at solution2u.net

have a nice day
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