[EuroPython] Social Skill Track / Project Management Talks

Martijn Faassen faassen at vet.uu.nl
Tue Oct 7 08:44:13 EDT 2003

Hi there,

Reading through the list, you and Beatrice both could track chair
together. That's a good sign; you can work out who is going to be
it (or both).

Harald Armin Massa earlier on the list already offered to do a talk
on the track.

The two issues I brought up to bring this track into focus would be:
  * how does this differentiate itself from the business track? Lots of
    the issues mentioned seem very similar to the mandate of the 
    business track.

  * how does this relate to Python technologies? Some concrete connection
    would be useful.

I'm most worried about the first issue. I also understand that the
business track organizers haven't answered Jacob's emails yet, so 
they're not in on this debate.

Hoping I don't sound overly silly, an interesting topic on this track might
also be something like 'Women in Python'. I saw Laura claim Python attracts
women blah blah elselist in a discussion about EU funding applications.
If you want to substantiate/encourage that this may be the ideal opportunity.
Though actually the Python list where the most women seem to participate
actively may be this one. :)



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