[EuroPython] Social Skill Track / Project Management Talks

Harald Armin Massa ghum at gmx.net
Tue Oct 7 15:26:12 EDT 2003


> >  * how does this relate to Python technologies? Some concrete connection
> >    would be useful.

is this REALLY necessary? I offered to do a workshop concerning presentation
skills - of course, they should help the participants to present Python

When I teach these kinds of skills, they are not really connected to
anything - when I teach sales skills, you could even sell Perl with them

My question is:

Don't we have room for some knowledge that can be connected to Python, but
is not bound to Python by itself?

I was very (postitively!) surprised about the big interest in my totally
untechnical talk at Europython 2003 - my feeling was that many members of
the Python community are interested in knowledge which may help them to
promote Python or get consent to do a project in Python.


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