[EuroPython] Social Skills, Business Track

Janko Hauser janko at need-brain.de
Fri Oct 10 09:19:41 EDT 2003

On Fri, 10 Oct 2003 14:27:21 +0200
"Andrew Smart" <Andrew.Smart at smart-knowhow.de> wrote:

[good discussion snipped]

> Third question: what topics do you think of in the "social skill"
> track?
> For my person I would see following topics:
> - team work (what does "teamwork" mean)
> - social interaction (talking to people, what can go wrong...)
> - cooperation strategies for open source companies / teams
>   (Maybe even with some figures: what could pay of, what not...)
> - working in international teams (culture differences)
> - business processes in software development: how to organize
>   the work, starting from the idea over programming to support
>   Especially for Python projects: differences, short cuts...
> - project management (old style, new style e.g. XP)
> - best practice: let project managers tell their "style" and
>   how they get the projects/teams to fly

I think a talk about organizing events like conferences, workshops and
sprints with special focus on different python communities,
open-source and the possible goals of such events would also interest

Part of the "networked working" is actually the coming together in
person, and this in a effective way, in short time with only virtually
known people.

One can say it's the reflection of the effects of europython itself on
our work.


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