Business track (was Re: [EuroPython] The new volunteers )

Harald Armin Massa ghum at
Mon Oct 20 05:04:44 EDT 2003


> It seems most people aren't aware of how much time they spend
> doing repetetive and boring stuff that a machine could do much faster
> and more reliably. The tools are made in such a way that they are kept
> busy, and they don't see the waste.

I was trained in a classical "Computer Center" (German Word
"Rechenzentrum"); with lots of big iron. (IBM MVS / VM / VSE)

That's some years ago; but IBM allready had REXX, an excellent scripting

People worked to prepare the operators work ... that work consisted
partially of planning the work schedules; but: there were also lots of daily
/ weekly run scripts, which were HAND EDITED with the correct date.

Sometimes also the machine where this script was supposed to run was
"punched in".

REXX had more than the capabilities to do these jobs ... I'm not exactly
sure if the JCL that was used there could not also have done that.

But out of some reason nobody thought about it - it was explained to the
trainees how to use the editor, the better ones learned the search-function,
other just scrolled down (not so easy on a VT3270 terminal)

There has to be a deeper reason, WHY it is that way. Maybe job security?
Maybe the Zen of doing simple, stupid, repetetive work?


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