[EuroPython] Preliminary reservations made

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Tue Sep 16 06:37:43 EDT 2003

sending back to the EP list...

Laura Creighton <lac at strakt.com> writes:

> In a message of Mon, 15 Sep 2003 11:16:53 BST, Michael Hudson writes:
>>Jacob Hallén <jacob at strakt.com> writes:
>>> I have made a preliminary reservation at SGS Veckobostäder for all the r
>>> they have available for 6-9 june 2004.
>>> We will investigate some other accomodation alternatives, now that
>>> we have the dates set. It is also time to get things rolling about
>>> the conference venue.
>>Should we also think about writing a press release announcing the con?
> Absolutely.  But I am too busy writing pypy funding proposal this week
> (until Thursday at any rate).

I started here:


Please, anyone help.  I suck at writing things like this.  2002's
version is here:


> If you want to write a first draft, I am getting very fond of the
> pypy 'how to share writing a doc' svn repository stuff.

Where is this?

> I also want to get a bot from moshe for europython irc, if that has
> gone away, and have some meetings sometime, and set up the
> 'how to write a paper' clinic start meetings.  Aahz wants to get
> a Zope team to make a 'how to submit a paper' Zope site for
> Pycon.  I said that we had a different stucture, but would like
> whatever they do to be designed so we can use it too.  (This talk
> is happening on pycon-organisers).

That'd all be cool, but isn't incredibly urgent yet, is it?

> I want to make it a lot easier for people to participate this year
> in the running of the con.  It seems to me as if year 1 was better than
> year 2 in  this respect.  I am not sure what the barriers to participation
> were, so I am not sure how to knock them down.

Well, I didn't encounter any terrible difficulty getting involved
(almost the reverse...).  Perhaps it's just a matter of communicating
the needs and the oppurtunities better.

> Maybe the wiki was essential to get participation. Maybe a contest
> for a logo was.  Maybe more planning in advance -- maybe something
> else, like being new was.

I expect/hope that having a longer lead in time will make *everything*

> At any rate, I'mswamped this week.  But an announcement is needed.

A presentable (if simple) website to point people at would also be
nice.  I thought there was something here:


but there doesn't seem to be at the moment.  What news on that front?


  That one is easily explained away as massively intricate
  conspiracy, though.            -- Chris Klein, alt.sysadmin.recovery

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