[EuroPython] Quick update

Godefroid Chapelle gotcha at swing.be
Thu Sep 18 06:31:15 EDT 2003

At 01:03 18/09/2003, Jacob Hallén wrote:
>I met Darío earlier this week and we discussed what venue we would like to
>use. We agreed that one of the houses with lecture halls, containing 3 large
>and 2 smaller halls would be ideal, except that if we have over 250 attendees,
>there will not be room enough for everyone for the keynotes. If we are more
>than that, we will have the keynotes in a larger hall that is about 4 minutes
>walk away from the main venue. This hall accomodates 450.

Very good

>Darío is busy arranging another conference this week, and will make the
>contacts with Chalmers conference service early next week. I think it would
>be good to have the first word on the venue before sending out a press
>The idea with the computer society seems to be a dud, since I can't find
>anyone in charge to talk to.

Thanks for the job done.


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