[EuroPython] Aahz wants Trevor to build a 'paper submission Zope thing'

Laura Creighton lac at strakt.com
Fri Sep 19 17:31:56 EDT 2003

for Pycon.

I said, make it general enough that we can use it too, and we
have different categories (track chairman, people in your track who
are all reading each others stuff as part of improving).  I'm not up
for deciding what we want in this.  

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NOTE: see NOTE below

Now that we've signed a contract for the PyCon DC 2004 facilities, we
need to start gearing up for other parts of a successful conference.
Specificially, we need a way to manage proposals from potential speakers.
Since we've been talking about ways of adding a CMS to python.org, I
figured that requesting the Zope folks to do a small-scale trial would be
a Good Idea.

We'd like to have this system up by October 15, because we want to have
a proposal deadline of December 1.

(Trevor, could you please repost your pycon-organizers response here?)

NOTE: At this point, I'm overall more interested in hearing from people
who think they might be able to do this work than I am in critiques of
the design.

Here's a draft design document:

There are three kinds of users: organizers, reviewers, and submitters.
All organizers are reviewers; all reviewers can submit.

Each submitter can make multiple submissions.  Each submission can have
any number of reviews.  Reviewers may not review their own submissions.
Submitters can see other proposals.  Submitters may see only reviews for
their own submissions; reviewers can see all reviews.

The system maintains a transaction log of modifications; each group can
see the appropriate history of modifications.  (E.g., a submitter can
update zir proposal; reviewers can see the history, but not other

The system can create the following reports:

* Submissions with two or fewer reviews
* Reviews organized by reviewer
* Submissions with blank Status

Submitter fields:
    Date submitted
    Date last modified
    Type (editable field with drop-down list defaults)
    Summary (150 char max)
    Requested timespan (30 or 60 minutes)
    Proposal, 500-2000 words (50k byte limit) -- should be text, reST, or HTML

Reviewer fields:
    Date first reviewed
    Date review last modified
    Proposal review
    Proposal quality (0-10)
    Estimated interest level (0-10)
    Proposal vote (either yes/no or Apache style)

    may edit Type drop-down list

Organizer fields:
    Status (blank/Accepted/Rejected)
    Date accepted/rejected
    Final timespan
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