[EuroPython] Tutorials

Michael Hudson mwh at python.net
Fri Feb 6 06:01:10 EST 2004

Laura Creighton <lac at strakt.com> writes:

> Could people with ideas for 'what they would like to have in a
> tutorial' post them here?
> I have already spoken with Ed Dream, the author of the literate
> programming editor LEO written in Python.  He is interested in
> coming and giving a tutorial, which I know will please those of
> you who have asked me.

That would be cool.

> Who else a) would be interested in giving a tutorial and
> b) has a topic they would be interested in attending?

I would like to see

1) Zope for Python programmers
2) Python for Zope users

I would nominate Martijn for both of them, but that would be mean :-)


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