[EuroPython] Meeting today, agenda

Jacob Hallén jacob at strakt.com
Mon Feb 23 11:19:57 EST 2004

Meeting is at 18.00 CET today, Monday 23 February. The most important thing to 
get done today is CFPs and press release.

I still haven't written the minutes from last meeting. Sorry about that.

A. Introductions, if any

B. Information/Decision items 

C. Progress reports
- Web (Bea)
- Tutorial questionaire (Jacob)
- Sprint plans (Laura)
- Food (Laura)
- Keynote speakers (Jacob)

D. Urgent discussion items
- Cfp, press release 1
	http://z3u.com/ep2004/CallForPapers and emails to the europython list.
- Time planning - deadlines for when things have to be done
	Assignment of time blocks for tracks

E. Followups

F. Other items 

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