[EuroPython] Re: Tutorials at Europython questionaire

Ian Bicking ianb at colorstudy.com
Mon Feb 23 13:44:01 EST 2004

Jacob Hallen wrote:
> The organising committee for Europython is currently busy planning
> this years conference, which will run in Göteborg, Sweden, 7-9 June
> 2004.
> To help us serve the community in the best way possible, we need your
> input on what you think we should do in the way of tutorials.
> Please send this questionare filled in to "europython at python dot org".
> 1. Are you likely to attend Europython?
> Yes/No/Only if there are tutorials I'd like to go to.

Only if I was presenting on something.

> 2. What topics would you be interested in? How much would you be ready
> to pay for such a tutorial?

* How to write a Zope (2) product / how to productize an existing 
(in-ZODB) Zope application.
* Writing C (or Pyrex?) extensions.

I probably wouldn't pay to attend a tutorial, but my employer might 
(particularly Zope topics).  I really don't know how much, though.

> 3. When would it be most suitable for you to participate in a tutorial?
> Please rank the alternatives.
> a. Friday 4 June
> b. Saturday 5 June
> c. Sunday 6 June
> d. During the conference
> e. When it doesn't conflict with my Sprint
> f. Thursday 10 June

No idea.  I guess I don't schedule ahead enough to say.

> 4. Would you be willing to give a tutorial?  On what subject(s)?

Yes, on SQLObject and/or Webware.

> 5. Is there any other input you would like to give us?

Hmm... nope, I think that's it.

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