[EuroPython] Questionnaire responses

Andreas Kaempf Andreas.Kaempf at Soundience.com
Wed Feb 25 01:01:12 EST 2004

Dear Europython team,

My questionnaire responses follow:

1. Are you likely to attend Europython?

Yes, about 70% chance at this time, regardless of tutorials.

2. What topics would you be interested in? How much would you be ready
to pay for such a tutorial?

Would be interested in tutorials on Plone Archetypes and creating
products in Zope at the Python level (i.e., not using ZClasses).

I would expect tutorials to be included in the cost of the conference.

3. When would it be most suitable for you to participate in a tutorial?

Any day during the conference

4. Would you be willing to give a tutorial?  On what subject(s)?

Not really qualifed at this point, so would have to say no.

5. Is there any other input you would like to give us?

Yes, the name badges were too small to read, and tended to flip around
so you couldn't read them. Name badges should have names in large
letters, and on both sides if you want to hang them from string around
the neck. Also, there should be a list of everyone present, to make it
easier to see who's there and who one would like to meet. 

Thanks for organizing this, and good luck with it!

Andreas Kaempf
London, England

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