[EuroPython] FW: Tutorials at Europython questionaire

Klaus Muller kgmuller at xs4all.nl
Wed Feb 25 06:01:29 EST 2004

The organising committee for Europython is currently busy planning
this years conference, which will run in Göteborg, Sweden, 7-9 June

To help us serve the community in the best way possible, we need your
input on what you think we should do in the way of tutorials.

Please send this questionare filled in to "europython at python dot org".

1. Are you likely to attend Europython?


2. What topics would you be interested in? How much would you be ready
to pay for such a tutorial?


3. When would it be most suitable for you to participate in a tutorial?
Please rank the alternatives.
a. Friday 4 June
b. Saturday 5 June
c. Sunday 6 June
d. During the conference
e. When it doesn't conflict with my Sprint
f. Thursday 10 June


4. Would you be willing to give a tutorial?  On what subject(s)?

Yes, on using the SimPy discrete event simulation package
(simpy.sourceforge.net). I am the key developer of this package.

SimPy (= Simulation in Python) is an object-oriented, process-based 
discrete-event simulation language based on standard Python and 
released under the GNU GPL. It provides the modeler with components of 
a simulation model including processes, for active components like 
customers, messages, and vehicles, and resources, for passive 
components that form limited capacity congestion points like servers, 
checkout counters, and tunnels. It also provides monitor variables to 
aid in gathering statistics. Random variates are provided by the 
standard Python random module.

SimPy comes with data collection capabilities, GUI and plotting 

5. Is there any other input you would like to give us?

No. I am looking forward to EuroPython again. EuroPython 2003 was great.

Dr. Klaus G. Müller

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